Tyres & Inserts

In most on road applications, a sticky compound tyre will generate more grip on tarmac, and will allow faster racing acceleration, cornering and directional change. Most tyres used for racing are slick, tread-less designs, but in the case of some RTR cars, some tyres can also have the appearance of a cut slick. The downside to this is that softer, sticky compound tyres wear far more quickly, attract dirt and debris and can get damaged in the event of a crash. For racing on carpet tracks, foam tyres are often used and these come in a variety of grades, again generating more grip, as they get softer. It is sometimes best to have a slightly harder compound on the front to aid and help the car drive out of corners. Foam tyres can also be used on tarmac, although they tend to wear very quickly in use.

Off road is far more complicated, as it not only depends upon the rubber compound, but also the tread-pattern and inserts used. These items all work in conjunction with each other to generate grip. There are so many variations of tyres available for all classes of off road cars, it’s impossible to talk you through all here but once you have chosen your ‘boots of choice’ it’s time to get them mounted and ready for use.

Terry Crew – Reality Racing