SHMCC Tamiya Day – 11th-12th August 2018

Come down to the South Hants Model Car Club on the 12th August 2018 for our first ever Tamiya day. The entire event will consist of lots of Tamiya racing and great fun! There will be 3 qualifiers and 3 finals for each class. Gates will open at 9 with racing starting around 10:00.

A practice session prior to the main event will be on the day before (28th of July) where the track will be open for practice from 1 till 5.

Booking in

Booking in is now available, click here for more details.


Stock touring car chassis such as TT-01/TL-01 etc with stock silver can motor
Modified touring car chassis similar to TT-01/TL-01, no motor regulations
M chassis any brushed 20 or 27 turn motor
Formula 1/LMP class F103, F104 chassis etc) any stock silver can or >= 13.5t brushless with the ESC in blinky mode
Off road such as the Tamiya grasshopper

Classes will be split into more specific groups if there are a wider verity of types of cars (like off road classes split into more specific groups)

Prices :
Pre book (pre-book up until one week before the event)
Pre book prices : Member £10, Non member £11
On the day prices (if available) : Member £11, Non member £12

Practice session (day before) free for all pre bookings

Additional classes are priced at £2 each.

Note : places at this event will be limited, so pre-book as soon as you can!