Feb 11th, 2010 : Club Hand Out Transponders.

Our club transponders are now over ten years old and are reaching the end of their life. They are also no longer supported by the manufacturers.

The committee is proposing that from September this year every member should have his or her own personal transponder. The approximate cost will be £50 for each member.

This may sound expensive but they are a one off expenditure, they are standard throughout the sport and can be used at the majority of clubs and events in the UK.

The club will hold a few personal transponders for new members, which will be hired out for £2 per race meeting.

If there are enough members requiring personal transponders, the Club can bulk buy and receive a small discount. Should you require one please let Derek Chapman know as he will probably order them in April or May.

If you require further more information on personal transponders please refer to the following websites:



The purpose of this notice is to give plenty of notice to members to buy their own transponder.

If require any further information please contact Derek Chapman via the club forum.